In Korea, November 11 is Pepero Day. Today friends and loved ones exchange Peperos to show affection like Valentines Day. (Pepero is a cookie stick dipped in chocolate – it’s basically the same things as Japan’s Pocky.)

These past couple of weeks, shops along the street have been preparing for the day with stacks of Pepero boxes. There are all sorts of flavors from the classic chocolate, almond, strawberry etc. Some like to take the effort and bake homemade Pepero.

Yesterday, I took a trip to Bangsan Market (방산시장), which is right across from Gwangjang Market (광장시장), in search of baking goods. Luckily, I went a little earlier in the day, but customers were increasing by the minute to buy ingredients for Pepero. Coating chocolate, sprinkles and crushed nuts were the popular items of the day. They even sold bare cookie sticks so all you have to do is decorate it.

Maybe because I’m used to abundant baking goods in the US, but I was a bit disappointed with the wares (it’s only 2 small alleys of stores). Most of the stores sold the same products. It was fun to see the different kinds of powders though – ranging from spinach, pumpkin, and matcha! And, there are more options than the regular supermarket. Hopefully, next time I go to Bangsan Market, it will be less catered to Pepero making. But I think I will be stocking up on supplies next time I’m in the US.

Happy Pepero Day!







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