carrot & onion stir fry


carrot & onion stir fry
serves 2

1 carrot
1 onion
handful of chirimenjako (dried baby sardines)
salt and pepper

1. julienne the carrots and slice the onions
2. add oil to a pan and stir fry the vegetables.
3. once the vegetables are slightly soft, add the chirimenjako
4. salt and pepper to taste

A couple of weeks ago, I had enough cooking supplies and ingredients to start cooking. Since I was only cooking for myself before, it was easy to cut vegetables and call it a meal. But now, cooking for someone else, it’s really not fair to feed someone rabbit food… I already had a main dish, rice, and some soup but I needed one more side dish. I was still missing a handful of condiments, so I decided to create something simple with what I had. Lots of vegetables with calcium from the dried fish! It ended up being delicious and perfect with rice. 1 point for me!


1個  人参
1個  玉ねぎ
一掴み ちりめんじゃこ
少々  塩胡椒

1. 人参と玉ねぎは千切りに
2. フライパンに油をひき、人参と玉ねぎを炒める
3. 野菜が少ししんなりしたら、ちりめんじゃこをたす
4. 味を確認しながら塩胡椒



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