bugchangdong sun tofu

About a month ago, I arrived at Incheon in the evening. After a stressful moment of finding out my luggage hadn’t arrived and requesting a baggage search, I left the airport finally united with my other half . (My suitcases were delivered the next day.) We drove an hour through traffic to our new apartment and decided to head out again for a late dinner.

I’ve been to Korea many times before, but it felt surreal that I had really decided to move here. We walked around the neighborhood and decided on a restaurant specializing in one of the classic Korean dishes – sundubu jjigae.

This restaurant had 4 types of sundubu with one I had never seen before. White sundubu jjigae. This one doesn’t use pepper flakes, hence the “white” color. It tasted soothing and less salty for my tired stomach after traveling for 20 hours. The flavour from the clams was stronger too. I think I prefer the usual sundubu jjigae, but it’s a good choice when my body and stomach is weak.





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