pyeongyang meon-ok


mogumogu_102016.jpgBefore, I ate naengmyeon once in awhile since restaurants only offered it in the summer. Most of the time the noodles were lame and limp. Now that I’m here in Korea, I’ve seen many naengmyeon specialized restaurants or as a finishing option for bbq.

One weekend, my foodie partner and I went to the new Starfield mall on the outskirts of Seoul. After taking of shopping for household goods, we decided to take a lunch break. There were a number of options from famous small chain restaurants on the first floor and we decided on Pyongyang Meon-ok which is known for it’s North Korean style naengmyeon. There are two types of this dish, mul (물) and bibim (비빔): water and spicy. I chose the bibim naengmyeon and he chose the mul naengmyeon. As I’ve come to accept as the norm here, the portions were huge. The noodles were chewy with a good texture. Unfortunately they seemed to use a hint of something like wasabi in the bibim sauce. It wasn’t strong enough to attack the nose, but I’m not a fan of this taste. Luckily, my partner enjoyed his mul naengmyeon.

Truthfully, I’m not a big noodle eater, so eating naengmyeon 3-4 times in a month is pretty tiring. But my foodie partner, who grew up eating this, keeps suggesting it as lunch option… I guess I need to start liking noodles now.





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