I’ve always had an obsession with glass jars (and glass in general). I would save jam jars or buy glass jars thinking I will use them in the future only to have them stack up in a corner. But the jar shape is just as important as the contents when I buy jams at the store. During travels abroad, I love looking for regional jams and spreads. I wish I could take a bunch home but glass adds weight quickly.

So far my top places for buying jams and spreads is Japan! I love looking for unique Japanese flavored jams with Kyoto being one of the best spots. There’s a shop in Gion that sells matcha, purple sweet potato, pumpkin, the list goes on! And another kinako (soybean powder) specialty dessert shop that has amazing kinako jam. Just thinking about it makes my mouth water…

I think France and Belgium would have delicious fruit jams and chocolate nut spreads. Ok, next stop Paris and Brussels!





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