sweet potato pound cake


sweet potato pound cake

In early November, my foodie partner and I went to a huge conventional market in Seoul. It was overwhelming with the people and amount of stalls. One section was vegetables and fish, then meat, another roots and herbal ingredients, with fruit in the back. We ate lunch there too which was delicious and fresh but that’s another story. Back to our grocery shopping! In the end, we didn’t buy a lot because it was difficult to decide which vendor to buy from. But we purchased seasonal chestnuts, sweet potato, a huge bag of dried squid and purple sweet potato chips! I can’t wait to go again and try the fruit!

The stall for the chestnuts had a chestnut peeling machine and the lady gave us freshly peeled chestnut to try after peeling ours. I was skeptical at first but the raw chestnut tasted sweet! For the sweet potatoes, the owner had 3 different types. We bought the normal type but she gave us a couple of the other types as service. One of the sweet potatoes ended up being not that sweet and not fitting for baked sweet potato.

With these seasonal ingredients, I wanted to bake some sweets! The chestnuts turned into marron paste and marron glace. It was my first time though, so I still need more practice. With the sweet potato, I decided to make a pound cake instead of the usual sweet potato only cake. I mixed in a sweet potato cream paste with the hope of a marble effect. The cream was too soft which made the pound cake weak but still tasted delicious!






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