Anyone close to me knows that I love sweets, especially ice cream! When the big move was approaching, I started a list of dessert places I found through Instagram. Sobok was high on my list. The photos I kept seeing looked enticing with the thick soft serve.

A little over a week after I landed in Seoul, a friend from high school and I met up in Hongdae. Hongdae is a popular destination for teenagers and college students. Hongik University (well-known for the art school) is centered there with many other colleges nearby. After struggling to find a lunch spot, I had no hesitation where to go for dessert!

I chose the classic sobok ice cream while my friend tried the new green tea ice cream. Just as expected, the soft serve was thick and creamy. In between regular ice cream and melty soft serve? I thought the ice cream was soybean flavor but looks like it is made with brown rice. Not overly sweet and a satisfying texture. It also comes with a soybean flour ice ball and a rice cake. I didn’t think it was a big portion but in the end I was struggling to finish the cup!





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