Winter is cold and dry… but also a season for many of my favourite foods! CLEMENTINES! I remember when I was little, I would sit in the kotatsu (heated table) peeling away at the fruit. No offense to the US, but the clementines cannot compare to the ones I’ve had in Japan. After eating the juicy and sweet ones at my grandparents, it was hard to be satisfied with the small slightly sour versions in the northeast. So moving to Korea, my expectations are high!

We first bought a box of Jeju clementines at a small mart near our apartment a month ago. Jeju is an island off the peninsula and is famous for it’s clementines. I thought they were pretty good, but my foodie partner said they were sour. I guess it was still too early. About a week later, he brought home some jeju clementines a co-worker had brought back from a vacation. These tasted sweeter. Lately, we’ve been trying some other types of clementine/mandarins as they come into season. Even if my foodie partner is disappointed, it tastes much better to me! Only if they weren’t so expensive here too…




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