mum alloi


My foodie partner and I typically eat Korean food when we dine out. But after our second time failing to eat muk guk at a nearby restaurant, we headed to the lower hongdae area to look for lunch. This is one of the areas with lots of non-Korean restaurants from French, Indian, even fondu! I was in the mood for Thai and after seeing gapao rice on a menu, I had to try it.

I always hear about gapao rice on the menu at Thai restaurants in Japan and I was never sure what the dish was called in the US. It’s a ground chicken and basil stir fry with rice and a fried egg. Slightly oily but the dish was delicious! My partner ordered pad thai but it wasn’t the kind he was expecting. It was on the sweet side instead of savory. We also ordered an appetizer of shrimp balls which were deliciously crispy.

I’m not sure if I would go again since the menu is small and maybe slightly on the pricey side. But the food is pretty good if you’re craving Thai and you’re near sangsu station!





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