banana bread


banana bread*

Last week many things happened. I successfully applied for my student visa and started language school! To celebrate, I made banana bread!


While I was in Japan, my foodie partner bought bananas and they were finally all brown. Perfect for banana bread. This recipe is my favourite and go-to banana bread recipe. It has a very moist texture as long as you use 3 bananas (or 4 small ones). I’m rarely impressed with banana breads at bakeries or cafes because I find them too cake-y or not banana-y enough. So far I haven’t met anyone who didn’t like my banana bread and luckily my foodie partner did too. It’s a pretty quick and easy recipe so I hope everyone enjoys this as much as I do!

*family recipe
not really, it came from somewhere but I don’t know anymore
also, don’t over mix after you add the flour!
leave a comment if you have questions about the recipe







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