jungbok sikdang


So when we bought sweet potatoes at the huge conventional market in eastern Seoul, we grabbed lunch before heading home. There was a small alley with a handful of indoor and outdoor restaurants and bakeries. We chose a typical jiggae restaurant. I ordered the soondubu jiggae and my foodie partner went with cheonggukjang (like a stronger daenjang jiggae).

My order included a big bowl of rice with a fried egg while my partner’s didn’t. I was confused at first because I thought she got my order wrong. But with the soondubu jiggae, you could use the banchan and bibim sauce bottle at the table to make bibimbap. It was too much food for me but everything tasted so fresh that I couldn’t stop eating! Since the ingredients come directly from the market, everything is more fresh compared to a regular restaurant.

Maybe it was because I was hungry, but it was one of the best meals I had eaten so far. I can’t wait to go again soon but it’s hard for us to access by subway and the car situation can be a mess by noon.





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