cold-press juice


cold press juice

 When we bought things for our new apartment, we indulged in was a hurom juicer. Apparently it’s one of the best cold-press juicers in Korea and supposedly easy to clean. During a trip to the LG shop, we passed by the Huron cafe and decided to try the juice before purchasing. The juice was pricey (about 8000 krw) but we were impressed by the smooth taste. And one of the juicers was on sale so we took one home. And since then, almost every morning we drink juice!

For awhile our juice was an apple, carrot, kale, spinach, wheatgrass and the occasional beet. But we’ve been trying to change the greens lately. Also after using for juicer for a couple of months, we’ve learned a couple of tricks. Greens and soft items first before fruits and hard items. Beets are last because they become frothy and anything after doesn’t juice well.

The juice tends to always be good but there are a couple cons. One, a lot of fruits and vegetables are necessary to make 2 full cups of juice. All the fiber is thrown out in the end. I could make muffins with it, but I haven’t done that yet. Luckily, the machine is pretty easy to clean but still can be tiring to clean all the parts every morning. In the end, a worthwhile purchase especially with my foodie partners early mornings.






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