Time flies! Over a month ago, my parents visited Korea for the first time. On the first day we took them around the main tourist area of gwanghamun, gyeongbokgung, seochon, and samcheongdong. After a long day of walking around, we decided to take a break at a cafe in samcheongdong. I had always wanted to try O’Sulloc, which is famous for their green tea from Jeju, so everyone agreed to some tea and cake.

I ordered the King O’Freddo which was a big matcha parfait. From the bottom up, matcha milkshake, whip cream, red bean, matcha ice cream, matcha cake pieces, and a cookie. The drink/parfait had a strong matcha flavor and was satisfying as a refreshment and dessert. Everyone else ordered different types of  green tea which you steeped yourself with instructions. My dad ordered the green tea tiramisu which tasted more like cheesecake with green tea powder on top. My mom ordered the hojicha pound cake which was a moist but thick textured.

The cakes were a bit disappointing but the drinks and parfait are delicious! They sell their tea which is pricey but make wonderful gifts. They also have matcha powder and matcha spread. I bought the matcha spread which is one of my favourite jams at home right now!





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