mogumogu_112116.jpgAfter a long day of walking around with my parents and a huge lunch at Sanchon (a buddhist temple food restaurant), we decided to buy dinner and dessert at the Lotte department food section in the basement.

I debated for a while to buy ice cream or cake and decided on baekmidang which I had seen often on instagram. I’ve seen it at many other department food courts throughout Seoul. Baekmidang only serves 2 flavors: milk soft serve and soy milk soft serve. I ordered mine with date crumble & purple sweet potato chip topping. Overall, the ice cream is ok but on the melty side. The toppings were disappointing and the cone is wafer (yuck). But I’m very picky about my ice cream so please don’t let my opinion stop you!

My dad bought cake from a bakery on the same floor and it was surprisingly good. The cakes looked heavy and sweet but tasted more like Japanese cakes!

両親と 一日中歩き回って、サンチョン(韓国精進料理のレストラン)で大きいお昼を食べたあと、ロッテのデパ地下で夜ごはんとデザートを買うことにしました。




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