d47 shokudo

mogumogu_112216.jpgAfter my parents visit in Seoul, we all jumped on a plane to Japan. My dad and I spent a couple of days in Tokyo while my mom flew to my grandparents and my foodie partner to join later. My dad and I hurried to our hotel in Shinjuku to buy a sim card before meeting my uncle. The sim card was successfully set up but after we met my uncle it stopped working! I was planning to meet an old friend for dinner at her work at a gallery in Shibuya Hikarie but I couldn’t contact her. I headed towards the department store hoping I would find her easily. Luckily I did! And she had forgotten her phone so we couldn’t contact each other anyways!

We headed to the restaurant down the floor from the gallery called d47 Shokudo. It offers a monthly revolving menu of teishoku (meal set) using ingredients from the different prefectures of Japan. They have a sister household goods shop with the same concept on the same floor. I ordered the Shimane teishoku and my friend ordered the Nara teishoku. My meal included a salt baked fish with miso soup, rice, and pickled vegetables. It was very simple but delicious.

For dessert, I wanted to try their limited time chestnut parfait but it was sold out for the day. We headed to the basement but the stores were also closing so we headed back to the top floor. There was a cafe bar offering dessert so we settled on tiramisu and ice cake. It was good to see my friend since it had been 5 years since we last saw each other. Shibuya Hikarie seemed to have a good basement food floor so that will be for next time too.





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