dashi chazuke en


Even though our hotel in Shinjuku was nice, there was no breakfast included. So I looked for something near the station on my phone. There was an ochazuke place that seemed like a good breakfast option. It ended up being the type of place where you buy the food ticket from the vending machine before you enter. I ordered the grilled salmon ochazuke and you can choose the amount of rice from s, m, l size. For some reason, I chose the m size which was too much. Luckily, my dad was there to finish my food for me :p  The ochazuke came with pickled vegetables and a small piece of soft tofu. The dashi to pour over the rice is separate so you can control how much to add. Usually I’m skeptical of these restaurants but the food tasted much better than I expected. I ended up going here again (at a different location) for a light lunch with my foodie partner when he joined us in Tokyo.



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