kanda yabu soba


My dad and I spent a day shopping at Kappabashi (a street filled with kitchen supply stores) near Asakusa during our stay in Tokyo. Unfortunately it was a holiday but many of the shops I wanted to go to were still open that day. We had a successful couple hours gathering kitchen supplies and before we knew it, it was already 1pm. My dad used to live in Tokyo for a few years so he suggested looking for something in the Kanda area.

I did a quick search on my phone and we found the area had many soba restaurants. Our first choice had a line out the door even though it was already 2pm. But there was another popular place around the corner. The restaurant was already crowded but we came at good timing and got a table right away. I ordered the yamakake soba (grated yam and soy sauce over soba) while my dad ordered classic soba (seirou soba) with aiyaki (duck and green onion pan fried). I’m not a big soba fan but this was delicious and the noodles were easy to eat. Maybe I was really hungry too. The portions might be considered on the small side but  it was a good choice for a late meal since it wasn’t too heavy.




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