gontran cherrier


My second night in Tokyo, I met a good friend from college who now works in Tokyo. We ate dinner at a vegetable based izakaya in Shinjuku that was delicious. (I tried to go again at a different location but it was completely reserved) After dessert at a nearby cafe, I needed to look for a bakery to buy breakfast for my dad and I. I first planned to try  Joël Robuchon but my friend and I couldn’t find it for some reason! So I went to my second choice Gontran Cherrier which was obviously placed in front of Shinjuku station (east exit).

An almond croissant for my dad, a matcha white chocolate scone for me, and a mont blanc croissant to share. The scone had the perfect crispy outside but soft inside texture. The croissant was pretty good too. The only thing with the mont blanc croissant was that the chestnut paste was at the bottom with nothing near the top. Still a delicious bakery. I went around closing time so most of the goods were gone but it looked like they offered many kinds of breads and pastries! They have a couple locations of this bakery in Seoul too so I’m looking forward to trying it soon.






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