gelateria marghera


My foodie partner arrived Thursday noon but suffered the consequences of Tokyo’s confusing train system. After 3 hours (what should have been an hour and a half) on the train, he finally arrived at the hotel. It was a cold day with November snow for the first time in over 40 years in Tokyo!

Our first stop and main reason for going to Tokyo again was to order rings. Last summer we found rings we liked and I found that the designer had her own atelier in Ebisu. We headed to the area and after some debating chose a design we liked. Since there were a couple of hours before dinner, we did some shopping at the department store before looking for a restaurant. Unfortunately, many of the restaurants we tried were full with reservations but we found a slightly fancy yakitori place with open seats. After my foodie partner experienced his first yakitori izakaya, dessert time!

I already knew what I wanted since I had been eyeing this gelato place since my last summer visit. They serve gelato but also ice cream sandwiches half dipped in chocolate. I debated between the marron and pistachio but chose the marron since it’s a limited seasonal flavor. The cookie was crunchy and slightly flakey like a digest biscuit. And the ice cream was chock full of marron pieces. So delicious.. I would like one right now.





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