akimoto kamakura


The second day with my foodie partner, we headed down to Kamakura for sightseeing and nama shirasu (raw whitebait). We boarded the train after a disappointing hotel breakfast and over an hour later, we were in Kamakura. We got off a stop early to walk around Enkakuji with other tourists. Then we decided to walk instead of taking the train again into the town center. At one end of the center is the Tsurugaoia Hachiman-gu which we decided to check out before eating lunch. It was a good choice since we got to see the end of a traditional Japanese wedding. Everyone was whispering how beautiful the bride was.

We quickly walked to the restaurant I found beforehand since I knew a line would be forming soon. When we arrived, many groups were already waiting but figured everywhere would be the same. After an hour wait, we were finally seated. Apparently the wait was long because one of the set menus include tempura which would take 30minutes! Luckily, we were able to eat the nama shirasu don (raw and boiled whitebait over rice) which is a seasonal dish but can also depend on the day’s catch. It wasn’t mind-blowing but still delicious with the two different textures. I would want to eat it again if it was readily available.

One embarrassing thing happened where I spilled my miso soup on the floor. The lady next to me kept apologizing for not being able to help. oh.. only in Japan 🙂



恥ずかしいことに、食べ始めた時、味噌汁を床に落としてしまいした。隣のおばさんは親切でティッシュを渡してくれて、その後何度も役に立てずすみませんと謝っていました。私がこぼしたのに…日本だけだ… 🙂


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