Clementine season is ending soon! Korea has many types of clementines but I can’t keep the names straight. So I’ve created a little family tree of just a few of the types I’ve seen at the grocery. The big ones tend to be pretty pricey but typical mandarines are pretty cheap. In the end, I think I like the small clementines the best but it’s fun to try the bigger ones too.

みかんの季節は後もう少し… 寂しいね。韓国はみかんの種類が豊富で覚えきれないので系図を描いてみました!これはスーパーや八百屋でよく見る種類です。大きい種類は結構高めだけど普通の小さいみかんは安い。私は普通のみかんが一番好きかも。でも大きいのを試すのも楽しい。来年の冬はチェジュ島行きかな?!


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