mont blanc

mogumogu_112516xx.jpgSince we still had time after returning from Kamakura, I wanted to check out Jiyugaoka – famous for dessert shops. But since it was already around 4pm, tea time was ending and many of the popular cakes were gone at the shops I wanted to try. So we headed to Mont Blanc which supposedly was the first cake shop in Japan to serve mont blanc cake. My foodie partner and I shared the chestnut tart with tea. I thought it was ok but my partner thought it was pretty good. We rested for a while at the cafe which has a large seating area but later this turned out to be a mistake. When we decided to head out for dinner, we first stopped by a baking store further delaying our time. By the time we started looking, all the restaurants were full with reservations! I think we walked around for almost an hour in the cold. Going back to the hotel would have taken too long but now I know, there’s almost nowhere to eat in Jiyugaoka! We should’ve just bought food from a grocery store or convenience store instead. Instead, we had a sad dinner at a kaitenzushi restaurant. Not good…



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