centre the bakery

Even though we had an unfortunate dinner the night before, our breakfast the next day was much better. We planned to shop in Yurakucho during the late morning so my foodie partner found a bakery for breakfast nearby called Centre the Bakery. Reviews raved about the delicious shokupan that people would wait in line for before the store even opened. When we arrived, there was a long line for the bakery but luckily open a few people waiting for the cafe. The lunch menu is more popular because it includes sandwiches so the people waiting outside were actually waiting for lunch!

We were quickly seated inside where we could choose 3 different set menus. A. Jam Set, B. Butter set, C. Jam & Butter set. There were 3 different types of bread where you had to choose 2. I chose the Jam set with the Yamagata and Hokkaido bread, while my foodie partner chose the Jam & Butter set with Hokkaido and Japan bread. The fun thing about this bakery was you had to choose a toaster from the front of the store. It was a bit intimidating and confusing at first though. But in the end, the bread makes all the difference not the toaster! I think this was the best shokupan I’ve ever had in my life. Crispy and fluffy at the same time. I can understand the long lines now. Their jam offerings were pretty great too although the chocolate nut butters are different at each table. If you want a different one, you might have to ask a table to switch. The butters in my foodie partners set were also surprisingly good. You could actually taste the difference.

After a satisfying breakfast, we had a long day of shopping, meeting my mom’s friends and one last dinner with my parents before we all parted ways the next morning.





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