Since my foodie partner had to leave for the airport in the morning, we bought breakfast bread the night before. Just a few red bean breads from Kimuraya. (An old bakery that has been around Tokyo for over a century.) When it was time to split ways, I tagged along to the transferring station to make sure my partner got on the right train. Good thing I did or it could have been another long day spent on the train! Although he arrived at the airport early with time to spare, since he can’t read Japanese, he ended up ordering udon with yuzu which he doesn’t like…

I headed back to the hotel to spend the remaining few hours with my dad before heading to my grandparents. Since the timing was awkward, we decided to check out Tsukiji even though it was a Sunday. It was too early to eat lunch and full of tourists so we only browsed a little before walking over to the river.  After my dad took a bunch of boring photos, he headed for lunch in Ginza while I was bound for my flight to Kagawa.




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