A surprisingly full flight to Takamatsu airport, I got off the plane to find my grandma waiting with my aunt. We piled into the car as my aunt’s husband drove us to my grandparents house. My aunt knows I love sweets and her family (I think her husband especially) likes to try out different cake stores. My aunt is also really good at baking bread and has a bread baking teaching license. So we made a pit stop at Lowe, a bakery that is not only famous in Kagawa, but apparently in Japan too. I decided to go with a classic strawberry short cake and my aunt chose the seasonal fruit roll to take home.

That night, my cousin who is currently back in Takamatsu, joined us for nabe dinner. Of course the men, sat at the table doing nothing as the women prepared the food and set the table. After they left, my grandparents and I tried the strawberry short cake for dessert. Japanese strawberry short cake is one of my favorite cakes and this one did not disappoint. My aunt left an extra fruit roll for me to eat too.  This was much better than I expected and I wished I ate it slower.




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