grandparents house


Ever since I can remember, breakfast at my grandparents house is always the same. Rice, a fried egg (or raw egg), miso soup, natto, mozuku, and a bunch of pickled side dishes. Occasionally a piece of salmon or other cooked fish. My grandpa would always mix the natto and mozuku into his miso soup. I am not used to eating so much in the morning since I would eat an apple and eat something else later in the day. I tend to take out one thing each day (maybe the rice or natto or mozuku) and my grandma would complain that I wasn’t eating enough. Even though I can’t eat much in the morning, it’s nice to have a traditional Japanese breakfast whenever I visit my grandparents.

This time was no different but I caught a cold during my stay. Luckily, my cold didn’t spread and I felt better by the time I moved on to my next stop – Kyoto!




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