western fried rice


Mid-December I started taking Korean language classes at Hongik University. The building itself is actually in Sangsu but a short walk from Hongdae – full of shops and restaurants popular with college students. My school is full of kids in their early 20s looking to attend art school at Hongdae or acting programs at other universities in Seoul. The pace of the class is very quick with daily vocabulary tests and midterms and finals. Personally, the tests weren’t as difficult as I was expecting but the speaking test is nerve wracking. After 3 months of successfully completing Level 1 in first place (!), I’m on short break until next semester begins!

Towards the beginning of the semester,  my friend and I met up for a late lunch after my class. She took me to one of her to go fried rice places near the Hongdae station. Even though it’s called Western Fried Rice, it’s typical Korean fried rice. It’s actually delicious and less greasy than it looks! After we went to Sulbing for dessert where we shared a huge banana bingsu cake. Even though Hongdae is full of restaurants, the good places tend to be slightly hidden in the inside streets. Also hanging out in the area during the day and night is a very different feeling.




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