on ne sait jamais

Just recently the Olafur Eliasson exhibition closed at the Leeum Museum of Art but I had a chance to see it at the end of 2016. The exhibition had some interesting pieces but overall smaller than I expected. The rain room was definitely the show stopper. The museum is located in Itaewon, an area populated with foreigners and many western & ethnic restaurants. There are also many cafes lately so after our Indian lunch, we decided to eat dessert.

On ne sait jamais is well known because of the interesting cafe layout. The seats are designed like a public bathhouse which is an interesting idea but makes it difficult to find a seat when it’s crowded. I guess it works better in the warmer weather when they can open the large windows.  My foodie partner’s sister designed the cafe’s second store which I want to check out too. And now the dessert. They had many delicious looking cakes but I chose the mont blanc (of course) and my partner chose the earl grey cake. The mont blanc wasn’t the traditional kind since it was incased in a meringue. It was good but I think next time I want to try their other cakes instead.

最近、三星美術館 Leeumでオラファー・エリアソンの展示会が終わりましたが、私は年末に見て来ました。面白い作品はいくつかありましたが、全体的に思ったより作品の数は少なかった。雨の部屋がメインアトラクションでしたね。美術館があるイテワォンは外国人が多く住んでおり、西洋やエスニックレストランも多いです。最近カフェも増えてるので、インドを食べた後、デザートを食べに行きました。



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