snob cafe

My foodie partner is usually busy with work but in January, he was able to take some days off from last year’s vacation days. We met up after my class ended and ate at an indian buffet for lunch. The naan was freshly baked and tasted delicious. It’s a bit pricey but a good option if you want to eat a bunch of different curries.

Of course a meal has to end with dessert! This was when the weather was really cold so we found a dessert cafe nearby. With so many cake options, I had a hard time choosing between the mont blanc tart, tiramisu tart, sweet potato tart, etc. In the end we ate a tiramisu tart, strawberry shortcake, and a green tea latte. The cafe is cute with a second floor but the tables are small with not enough seating. I think I would just get a slice to go next time.




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