doll doll bakery


As you may have mentioned by now, I love matcha flavored desserts. I had seen the matcha tart from Doll Doll Bakery many times on instagram and was waiting for a chance to try it. I stopped by the bakery once by myself in November but too afraid to buy it by myself. This time my foodie partner and I stopped by on our way home from a tiring day out. The bakery has a green tea croissant too but it was sold out for the day. So I only bought the matcha tart and matcha cream cheese muffin. The earl grey tart was enticing too but that will have to be another time.

The matcha tart is very strong with a creamy but thick matcha ganache and a crispy tart crust. Just remembering now makes me drool…The tart is a bit pricey although the size justifies it.The matcha cream cheese muffin could be better with a matcha cream but the cream cheese is refreshing too. Good thing I don’t live in walking distance to this bakery or I would be going everyday.




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