Panet is a french-style bakery by a Korean baker who studied in Japan. The bakery is right near our apartment but I actually don’t go that often. We tend to stop by when it opens or at the end of the day, so the options are slim. The bread is delicious though it tends to be savory or loaves rather than sweet breads. I wish they sold cakes as well. Apparently, it is famous for their croissants which come out by 11 am. I’ve tried the chocolate, almond, and cream. The bread itself is delicious but the filling is pretty lacking. I’m the type who likes filled croissants to really be filled. One day when we stopped in, they had mont blanc croissants. Of course I have to try this!

Boy was I disappointed. You would think there is chestnut paste inside but nothing! I guess it’s called mont blanc because of the shape. I mean it’s a good croissant but I felt tricked. My foodie partner said he once saw a matcha croissant label so maybe I’ll be lucky with that one.




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