Near the famous Shilla Hotel, there is the oldest bakery in Korea. We stopped by once when I visited but I didn’t remember well and it didn’t leave much of an impression. I was also sick. But we heard that the interior was renovated, improving business. We finally decide to stop by one morning to pick up some dessert for our house warming lunch.

The interior has a retro vibe while feeling classy and new at the same time. There’s lots of seating space in the back. The bread options are overwhelming with small madeleine type snacks too. They also have traditional asian sweets like senbei, manjoo, and mooncakes. The breads were a bit on the sweet side and the small cakes are different than the french kind. But overall this place is delicious! The monaka ice cream was the highlight. We took some for home but these need to be eaten right away. The monaka looses it’s crispiness after a few days.

They have lots of good cookie and senbei options for gifts. But I prefer PNB senbei more!






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