A while ago, my foodie partner was craving for old style pasta (by old style, I mean Korean old style). He told me about a popular pasta restaurant in the gwanghwamun area. We didn’t go that day but a few weeks later, decided to stop by.

The restaurant itself is a small square but crammed with tables. Even though there was a line, we only waited about 10 minutes until seated. The menu is seafood heavy and a bit pricier than what I was hoping. But when the food came out, it looked like it was about 2 servings worth. Maybe if I hadn’t eaten all day I could eat everything. I ordered the seafood risotto and was disappointed. But only because I don’t like tomato sauce. Tomatoes are the one food I really despise. Since it’s a risotto, I was expecting a white sauce or something more cheesy. But this was like bloated rice in a light tomato sauce with lots of seafood. Most of the pasta choices were tomato based too. So even though I wanted to like this place, there aren’t many options on the menu for me. But the food has a very nostalgic home meal feeling.




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