bean brothers

As I’ve mentioned before, Hongdae is the hip area for high school & college students. So even though there are lots of cafes in the area, it can be tiring for my foodie partner and I. But we recently found out that below Hapjeong station (basically south of Hongdae) is crawling with cafes and restaurants with a calmer atmosphere.

One weekend the car needed a desperate washing but our usual place was closed. We found a hand washing place below Hapjeong station and on our drive there is when I noticed the cafes. After giving the car a good scrub, we had some spare time to check out a cafe. Bean Brothers looks like a renovated warehouse that you would find in Brooklyn. And already crowded with hipsters working on their laptops. We ordered the strawberry fraisier cake and grapefruit juice. Unfortunately, we were running out of time for our appointment with the wedding planner. I don’t think I’ve ever rushed eating a cake that quickly. I wish I could have relished it more…




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