il gelato

mogumogu_032717.jpgAs we’ve been looking for our wedding location, I’ve started searching for a wedding dress on my own. Because of my limited Korean ability and shyness, I have a couple friends helping me out. I was hoping to find a more casual dress at a boutique shop instead of going to an appointment only wedding dress store. Through instagram, I found a shop called Faye Woo in Garosugil with one dress to my liking. My friend and I stopped by but I couldn’t try on the dress! They said something about how it was hard to fit and I could only try it on once I bought it. It sounded a bit odd but I couldn’t communicate so I let it be. Later we would stop by fast fashion stores that wouldn’t let you try on the clothes either. The odd thing was that I saw a Faye Woo pop-up in the Shinsaege department store a week later where I could have tried on the dress! (I didn’t because I didn’t have time.) Back to the dress – it was cute but a bit longer than I expected. It seemed like a good option and could be tailored once purchased. I took a shot of myself holding the dress and left.

After we wandered in and out of shops, I took my friend to a gelato shop I had been eyeing for awhile. Apparently, the shop owners studied and met in Italy at Gelato University! The flavors varied from classic, fruity, and asian. Unfortunately no black sesame this time, but I tried the injeolmi (soy bean) which was delicious! It really tasted like sweetened kinako (soybean flour in japanese). The pistachio didn’t disappoint either. My friend chose the tiramisu and rice. She was surprised and satisfied with the rice flavor. If this place was closer to home, I would want to go more often.. but I found a gelato place a bit closer which will be a future post.




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