dadam eddeul

So finally about our wedding location search!

Through another blog, I stumbled upon a Korean wedding planner that helps out international couples with small weddings called wedit. We made an appointment to discuss our plans with our wedding directors. My foodie partner and I didn’t have much of an idea since we aren’t that interested in having a wedding in the first place. But we thought holding it at a hanok would be nice because of the beautiful architecture and cozy feeling. Unfortunately, hanoks are few in Seoul and very small. Their website lists a bunch of venues they already have a relationship with but the hanoks were too small for our guest count. However, there was one location wedit told us about not listed called dadam eddeul, located near the Shilla hotel. From the pictures it looked like a nice space with good Korean food.

We went one weekend to speak with the cafe owner and try the food. When we arrived though, we were surprised to find the location was not as private as we expected. The area the wedding is held sort of faces a public park next to a college. The food however was delicious and we liked that it was Korean food instead of western. We both ordered the lotus leaf rice set which came with soup, salad, and several banchan. The food felt very healthy but well flavored. My foodie partner also bought yagkwa (a sweet honey based dessert) on the way out which wasn’t too sweet with a good texture.

When we had a chance to speak with the owner, his minimum guest count was more than we thought. Originally, we heard 100 but he was hoping for 150 which was larger than what we would. Although the food was really delicious, thinking about the guest count and limited privacy, this was not the place for us.


ウエディングプランナーを検索していたら、家の近くに国際カップルを手伝ってくれるウエディングプランナー weditを見つけました。早速プランナーと会う予約をしました。私と彼は結婚式にはあまり興味がなくて、もともと式を挙げること自体に抵抗していました。でもしょうがないので、やるならは韓家(ハノク)がいいと思っていました。伝統的な建築と雰囲気が気に入ってたので。だがソウルでは数少ないし、あまり広くない。weditのサイトにはいくつか載っているが、人数が少なすぎる。プランナーと話したら、サイトには載っていないもう少し広い韓家カフェ(タダムエトゥル)があると知りました。写真から見る限り広くておいしそうな韓国料理を提供していた。




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