guksu myeongga


I was starting to lose hope about finding a nice hanok to hold our wedding since the other option, dugohan was completely booked. But my foodie partner found one more called The Hanok Smith Likes. It looked charming and more private than the previous hanok so we headed out to see the place that night. I instantly liked it although the food was Italian, not Korean. The manager wasn’t there that day so we took some photos and decided to grab dinner in the area.

For our wedding meal, we were hoping to have a simple meal. In the old days, Korean weddings would only have one dish but find a place that made it the best. It might be difficult since most venues  provide catering but we hope at least guksu can be added to the menu. So while we were roaming samcheongdong, we found a guksu restaurant right nearby. The broth was flavorful and soothing. The jeon we ordered had really spicy peppers though! I was already full on french fries before we met for dinner so I couldn’t enjoy this as much as I hoped.

The following Sunday, we returned to The Hanok Smith Likes to speak with the manager.  Overall the details sounded good but one minus point was the set maximum. Because the space is small, they can only serve and prepare for a set amount of guests. There was no flexibility which my foodie partner thought could be a potential issue. Especially since the maximum was 65 or 68. Although I really liked it, we had to take it out as an option.

edit: We have found a place! Unfortunately, not a hanok but top of our list for a non-hanok place and recommended by wedit. More details later!






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