A week after my first weak attempt at wedding dress shopping, I called a friend to join me at my first real wedding dress shop. In Korea, apparently people go with their wedding planner. My wedding planner (wedit) also offers this option, but I would much rather go with a friend. I made an appointment at Bride & You, another place I found through instagram, located in Cheongdamdong.

I didn’t have high expectations, but still hoped I would at least find one dress that popped up in their look book. Unfortunately, nothing in particular but I still tried on 3 dresses. One annoying thing I’ve found is that there is a try-on fee at the dress shops. Sometimes they return the money if you choose to rent/buy a dress but it makes it harder to try a bunch of different shops. In the end, I wasn’t particularly impressed by any of their dresses since they didn’t fit my body shape or style. But my friend (who is over 170cm!) would have looked great in any of them.

We decided to cool off with bingsoo after trying on dresses at sojukdoo in rodeo street. I was surprised at how dead this street is. Garosugil was disappointing itself with the commercialization, but rodeo street is basically over. The bingsoo here is more traditional and wasn’t bad but it won’t be my first choice to go. While we shared our dessert, we looked for other dress shops and made an appointment at Reehue for a couple weeks later.

最初のドレス探しから1週間後別の友達に頼んで、本格的なブライダルショップに行きました。韓国はアメリカと違い、友達やお母さんと一緒ではなく、ウェディングプラナーと行くそうです(ちなみに私のプランナーも手伝ってくれます)。でも私は正直な意見と楽な雰囲気の方がいいので友達に手伝ってもらいました。お金持ちエリアのチョンダムドンにあるBride & Youというインスタで見つけた店に予約しました(夫が)。




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