cheong nyeon jang sankkun


I’ve been to this place numerous time, but their fries are delicious!!! There are only two types, basic and cajun. Personally the cajun is much better because it’s thin cut and crispy, rather than the basic thick wedge style. But the best part is the 12+ different sauces to choose from. I like the house sauce best but you can’t really go wrong with any of them. They also have sweet potato fries (so-so), chicken tenders (must get!), and cheese sticks (I’m not a big cheese person, but also good). The service is really good, and the atmosphere is cozy too. They serve beer in measuring cups which is fun too. They don’t open until 4pm because it’s more of a drinking place, but if you go before 7, they’ll size up your fries. The business model is pretty great too, since the servers are hired as actual employees rather than part time. I can enjoy my fries knowing I’m supporting a good business 🙂

ここではäŊ•å›žã‹å¯„ãŖãĻるけお、とãĢかくポテトフナイがうぞいīŧãƒ•ãƒŠã‚¤ã¯äēŒį¨ŽéĄžã€ã‚ĒãƒĒジナãƒĢã¨ã‚ąãƒŧジãƒŖãƒŗ。åĨŊãŋįš„ãĢはį´°ããĻパãƒĒパãƒĒãĒã‚ąãƒŧジãƒŖãƒŗã‚šã‚ŋイãƒĢが厚切りぎã‚ĒãƒĒジナãƒĢよりはåĨŊき。でも一į•Ēいいところは、12 į¨ŽéĄžäģĨ上ぎã‚Ŋãƒŧ゚。ハã‚Ļã‚šã‚Ŋãƒŧ゚が一į•ĒįžŽå‘ŗしいと思うけお、おれを選んでも間違いはãĒい。あとはさつぞいもフナイīŧˆãžããžãīŧ‰ã€ãƒã‚­ãƒŗテãƒŗダãƒŧīŧˆåŋ…é ˆīŧīŧ‰ã€ãƒãƒŧ゚゚テックīŧˆå¤§é‡ãŽãƒãƒŧã‚ēはč‹Ļ手だけお、įžŽå‘ŗしいīŧ‰ã€‚ã‚ĩãƒŧãƒ“ã‚šã‚‚č‰¯ããĻã€é›°å›˛æ°—ã‚‚åą…åŋƒåœ°ã„い。ビãƒŧãƒĢã¯č¨ˆé‡ã‚ĢップãĢæŗ¨ã„でéĸį™Ŋい。一åŋœéŖ˛ãŋåą‹ãĒぎでīŧ”時過ぎぞで開かãĒいが、īŧ—時前ãĢčĄŒãã¨ã€ãƒ•ãƒŠã‚¤ãŽã‚ĩイã‚ēをã‚ĩãƒŧビ゚としãĻ、ã‚ĩイã‚ēã‚ĸップしぞす。ビジネ゚ãƒĸデãƒĢもいいです。゚ã‚ŋッフはã‚ĸãƒĢバイトではãĒããĄã‚ƒã‚“ã¨į¤žå“Ąã¨ã—ãĻ雇いぞす。いいå–ļæĨ­ã‚’åŋœæ´ã—ãĒがらフナイをæĨŊしめられところもポイãƒŗトです。


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