deux cremes


My second dress shop visit to Reehue with the same friend. This place had a lot of body fitting lace dresses from what I saw online, so I also didn’t have my hopes high but thought length wise would be better. Although there is a fitting fee again, the number of dresses is limitless! I tried on at least 5 and found 1 that was a strong candidate. The length was perfect, with capped sleeves and dress style I liked. I didn’t even require any adjustment. The only weak point was the lace usage at the bottom which made me hesitate. The rental price was reasonable and included various belts, hair accessories, and shoes. I really recommend this shop for shorter ladies or if you’re looking for a nice simple cocktail style dress. The employees are genuinely helpful too.

After oohing and ahhing over the dresses, we left to grab dinner and dessert at garosugil. Dinner was jokbal (pig’s feet) — my first time trying it! Lots of collagen but also very heavy and filling. But of course dessert always fits! We headed down to Deux Cremes, one of the first dessert cafes in the area back in the late 2000s when garosugil first started booming. We debated over at least 10-12 different types of tarts until choosing strawberry pistachio and caramel tiramisu tart. It was good but the tart is flaky rather than crunchy, which we both were a bit disappointed about. Personally, I wouldn’t choose to go here again, but it wouldn’t be bad for grabbing dessert  for a friend’s party.





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