and lab

mogumogu_042117.jpgMy language program has 2 cultural days per semester. The first one for the spring was a trip to Everland! I was excited to finally go to an amusement park but ended up being pretty disappointed… There were barely any roller coasters and the lines were too long. In the end we walked around the zoo and flower garden, trying to waste time at the end.

After being bus sick twice that day, I walked home from school to meet my foodie partner for dinner. I had recently been following a japanese expat bloggers site who had mentioned a japanese izakaya and ramen place that opened nearby our train station. So we decided to try it out the izakaya first. The food was pretty good but the sake options were mainly bottle only. After satisfying our stomachs, my foodie partner exclaimed he wanted to go to itaewon.

We hopped on the train and wandered around looking for a dessert cafe we hadn’t tried yet. And suddenly I notice a familiar figure. My foodie partner’s friend! They chatted for a second before we headed onto our destination — And Lab. Unfortunately, there were only 2 cake choices left. I had been hoping for the mont blanc but at least there was my favorite pistachio! We also ordered the milk assam tea. Pricey but surprisingly very delicious. The cake was good too but not as pistachio as I hoped. The place was crowded even an hour left to closing. I would much rather come during the day and snag dessert when there are more options. Oh, and on our way home, I tripped on the stairs to the subway and ended the day with a big bruise on my knee.



電車に乗り、デザートを探しながらイテワォンをウロウロ。そしたら、見覚えのある顔。なんと彼の友達!ちょっとおしゃべりしてから、デザートカフェのAnd Labにゴー。残念ながらケーキは2種類しか残っていなかった。モンブランを食べたかったけど、ピスタチオはまだ残ってた!ミルクアサム茶も頼みました。高いけど、まろやかでとても美味しい!ケーキも良かったけど、ピスタチオ味は薄い。閉店1時間前だったのに満席。私は午前中にもっとケーキのする意があるときに行きたいかな…そしてその日の帰りは、地下鉄の階段で転んで、膝に大きいアザ。


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