mogumogu_042317.jpgOn the walk home from school, I always pass by a restaurant with at least 10 people waiting outside. I told my foodie partner excitedly that there seemed to be a popular restaurant nearby our apartment and found out this was the pyeong yang naengmyeon place he had mentioned when he first moved in. I’ve tried pyeong yang naengmyeon before but this is one of the authentic restaurants. The broth is very subtle that at first tastes almost bland but by the end tastes rich and full. It’s very refreshing and perfect to cool down from the summer heat. The noodles are also on the soft side rather than the usual chewy type. They also have a nokdu jeon (mungbean pancake) with pieces of pork which is well worth trying. The flavor is much stronger than the naengmyeon but doesn’t overpower the subtleness of the noodle broth. Even if the line is long, don’t let that deter you. There is ample seating with 4 different seating areas so the wait shouldn’t take too long.



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