I’ve probably mentioned this before, but Korea’s ice cream scene is still pretty lacking. Especially north of the river. There are a couple places in Hongdae but nothing I can call a regular spot. But one weekend we tried out the Seoul city rental bikes and biked to the upcoming hip Mangwon dong. Truthfully, we were pretty disappointed since the cafes felt spread out and hidden. If you know where you’re going it might be fun, but if you’re looking to stumble across something… we didn’t have much luck. But through the mangoplate app, I found a gelato store! Dangdo is a tiny shop but has at least 10 rotating flavors that skew towards the unique. There are also an ample amount of fruity flavors — good for my foodie partner 😉 The first time was green tea and black sesame, which my foodie partner wasn’t a fan of. But a few weeks later we went back and I chose pistachio and strawberry. The price is reasonable although there is only 1 size plus a take home pack. And they’ll add a tasting scoop of one flavor you’re curious about too!



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