ojangdong hamheung


I think I’m getting more used to eating naengmyeon. With the hot weather, it’s definitely a good way to cool down. Although this time we ate hwe naengmyeon (spicy sashimi cold noodles), famous in the Jongno-gu area in Seoul. There are many knockoff restaurants but we went to the original Ojangdong Hamheung. The chewy noodles are mixed with a spicy sweet sauce and sashimi. But this isn’t the typical sashimi you’re probably imagining. It’s a marinated raw fish that’s kind of chewy and hard. It might be peculiar for westerners, but I like the different textures and the sweet spiciness of the sauce. But be warned that it’s quite spicy and you’ll be grabbing lots of tissues as you eat. Don’t be fooled by your first taste. My foodie partner thought it wasn’t spicy enough and added more hot pepper only to regret it a few seconds later.



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