mogumogu_050717.jpgDuring my second semester of language school, I finally made a friend! Sadly, it was her last semester in Korea and recently returned to Japan… But during the semester we hung out occasionally eating some good food. We also pared up for one of our pronunciation tests and met up with her Korean language assistant to practice at a cafe in Hongdae.

The cafe menu was hard to read since it is hand written in Korean but we all chose lattes with ice cream on top. I don’t drink coffee so of course mine was Green tea. I was craving something sweet after lunch so it was perfect. I think it’s a well known cafe, but luckily that day wasn’t too crowded. It’s no quiet enough to study but not a bad place to work for a few hours as my foodie partner did while he waited for us to finish. It’s pretty close to school and Sangsu station so not bad to stop by with a friend if you need a couple hours to waste.

語学堂の2学期は友達ができた!でも彼女はその後すぐ日本に帰ってしまいました… 😦 帰国までおしゃべりをたくさんして時々外食も。そして発音テストのためには二人で組んだので、ある日トウミと3人でホンデのカフェでテストの練習。



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