mies container

Wow, it’s already been over a month since I finished level 2 of Korean language school. Unfortunately, no big scholarship this time. Apparently I was really close, so I was pretty bummed about it. And my new friend went back to Fukuoka too. But before she left, we hung out one more time after the closing ceremony.

We were debating about what to eat and decided to go somewhere with french fries. I’ve been to Mies Container a couple of times and they have pretty good thin cut french fries. This time we stuck to the plain rather than garlic which can be greasy and too garlicky. We also ordered a cream spaghetti and later garlic bacon pan cheese since my friend thought it wouldn’t be enough food. Boy, do Koreans really love cheese. The cream spaghetti was good but thickly sauced. I was full from that and the french fries, barely touching the pan cheese. It’s really like the name, just cheese and whatever toppings they add. My stomach immediately said “No” after a few bites. Even my friend regretted ordering it.

After my 3rd time coming here, I think I’ll only stick to the fries and MAYBE the pasta salad to share if I’m going to eat a full meal.





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