mogumogu_052817x.jpgOn the weekend, my aunt and her husband took us out to Takamatsu for some shopping. My mom hoped to find some accessories to wear with her new dress. Unfortunately, after coming from Osaka, the shops were meager in comparison. Instead I bought some local snacks for gifts and ate some yummy gelato. But before all of that, we ate lunch at Kagawa’s famous Ikkaku!

Most people think of udon when they think of Kagawa prefecture. But for locals, Ikkaku – a roasted chicken restaurant, is one of the other famous foods. Even though it’s on the salty side, the chicken comes with cabbage and rice balls. Perfect to dip in the chicken juices! There’s also a chicken broth based soup which feels a bit too much after eating a huge piece of chicken. But if it was a side soup to a traditional Japanese meal, it would be delicious. I wouldn’t be able to eat this often, but if I’m crazy chicken this would be perfect to satisfy.




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