mogumogu_052817.jpgIt’s been awhile since my last post! I was a bit distracted with some things going on but finally back to eating.

To continue my Japan trip (3 months ago!), during my stay in Kagawa, my aunt took us to a cake shop as always. On our way back from shopping in Takamatsu, we stopped by a shop I hadn’t been to before. My aunt and her husband seem to know all of the cake shops like the back of their hand!

This shop was famous for their roll cake and won an award 2 or 3 years ago. My mom was hoping to eat strawberry shortcake but sadly, it was already sold out. So she went with the house roll cake and I chose the strawberry tart. Later that night, we both enjoyed our cakes while my grandpa watched chuckling as always. I miss how easy it is to find cake in Japan and it’s so much cheaper than Korea…


日本旅行の続き(3ヶ月も前の!)… 香川にいた間、もちろんおばさんがケーキ屋に連れてくれました!高松でショッピングの帰りに行った事のないケーキ屋に寄りました。今回の店はロールケーキが有名みたいで、2〜3年前に賞を獲ってました。お母さんはイチゴショートケーキが食べたかったけど、もう売り切れだったのでロールケーキを選び、私はイチゴタルト。その晩、おじいちゃんがわらない柄、二人で美味しくケーキをいただきました。



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