grandpa’s garden

mogumogu_052917.jpgMy grandpa has a nice garden in the back of the house where he experiments growing all kinds of fruits and vegetables. When I was little, I wasn’t so interested but as I became an adult, I started to realize the importance of fruit and vegetables. So whenever I visit, it’s exciting to see what can be eaten this time. Also, my grandpa is kind of impatient, so he’s pulling out plants and planting something new pretty often too.

This time, there were strawberries, spinach, and snow peas. Even a few biwa and this weird red thing called gumi (pretty but tasted bad). And the tomatoes and green plums were just starting to ripen. This year there was also zucchini in the summer and the avocado tree has been steadily growing.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb… my foodie partner and I have killed almost all of our plants… but I hope someday I can grow a small garden like my grandpa.





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