On our last day in Japan, my mom and I headed into Takamatsu by ourselves taking the train. There’s a local gift shop that seemed perfect for buying gifts that would be different than the usual ones from the airport. We forgot this is the countryside though so the train only comes every 20 minutes! We ended up running to the station and just made it seconds before the doors closed.

It was well worth the trip though since we found good food presents. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best location for lunch since the main shopping area was a little too far to walk through. So we decided to go to Gusto, a family restaurant kind of like Denny’s but with a bigger menu, to eat something small. My mom chose strawberry mascarpone pancake and I went with coffee jelly. It was cheap but way too sweet. I felt nauseous afterwards. But finally my first experience at a family restaurant in Japan!

We realized the train only comes once an hour after noon and hurriedly went back to the train station. And when we got off, we realized Kamado (a wagashi store) would have been a better place for us to have tea…






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